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Breathing Trick to Fall Asleep Faster

Dog Sleeping

@FoxyQuant originally told me about it, I think it helps. If you can’t sleep anyway, might as well give it a try!


Food tastes better overseas

Who doesn't like a ton of sriracha on everything?
Who doesn’t like a ton of sriracha on everything?

US food is extremely bland compared to the rest of the world in my opinion. Have you ever thought of having a salad with no dressing? Or grilled chicken with no marinade? It’s disgusting. US food is merely a vessel for sugar filled condiments. Here might be a reason why:

The Most Important Post EVER


Koch told me that for years he has swallowed your standard Fleischmann’s dry yeast before he drinks, stirring the white powdery substance in with some yogurt to make it more palatable.

“One teaspoon per beer, right before you start drinking.”

You see, what Owades knew was that active dry yeast has an enzyme in it called alcohol dehydrogenases (ADH). Roughly put, ADH is able to break alcohol molecules down into their constituent parts of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. Which is the same thing that happens when your body metabolizes alcohol in its liver. Owades realized if you also have that enzyme in your stomach when the alcohol first hits it, the ADH will begin breaking it down before it gets into your bloodstream and, thus, your brain.

ht/ @billygriffin22

Great Stretching Exercises for Keyboard Jocks

Me with new photo app
Me with new photo app

I mostly have terrible posture at work. I try, but then forget. One of the partners now has a standing only desk, which is quite odd for a trading floor but an interesting development seeing as sitting is the new smoking. Here are a few quick and simple stretches that help a bit:

Neck & Shoulder:

Back & Posture: