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Food tastes better overseas

Who doesn't like a ton of sriracha on everything?
Who doesn’t like a ton of sriracha on everything?

US food is extremely bland compared to the rest of the world in my opinion. Have you ever thought of having a salad with no dressing? Or grilled chicken with no marinade? It’s disgusting. US food is merely a vessel for sugar filled condiments. Here might be a reason why:

Will the internet destroy the stock market?



Author argues that complexity will hit a break point and eventually bring down the whole system. I can’t really disagree with the assertion and I see no need for increased speed (lower latency) in the stock market whatsoever. Exchanges are for-profit institutions with HFT that largest customer. I believe HFT has reduced spreads but has also reduced liquidity, a simple one second cancel replace rule would solve many many problems IMHO.