Hedge Funds, WikiLeaks, and Insider Trading

Wonder if SAC was a  client back in the day?
Wonder if SAC was a client back in the day?

I come across some cool sh*t when researching job leads. I came across this totally random, from WikiLeaks regarding a Head Hunters pitch document to provide services to locate a CIO for Stratfor Cap. I had never heard of them before but apparently they were a Global “Intelligence” firm that has provided a lot of information to hedge funds, Gerson Lehman Group anyone?! I guess they thought they should be profiting from their info instead. I could be wrong but I don’t think econ data, especially foreign econ data, is considered insider trading? And wouldn’t you just know it – Goldman Sachs plays a big role! Started by George Friedman, I read his book “The Next 100 years” and found it to be quite entertaining actually, he’s very pro United States!

Read #4 first for some background:


Stratfor Site:


And the pitch document: