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Legal Insider Trading Biotech

Let’s say a biotech CEO learns that, in two days, her company is going to announce clinical results that will surely boost its stock price. She can’t legally buy up a bunch of the company’s shares right then — that would be the bad kind of insider trading — but she can cancel a scheduled 10b5-1 sale to avoid dumping stock just before its price soars.

Good Post on Position Sizing

Believe it!
Believe it!

Good post on position sizing techniques of qualitative managers. Good quantitative managers spend a lot of time on this, but their strategy with robust historical data lends itself to it. By now I’m sure most people have heard of kelly betting? I think most qualitative PM’s utilize some form of fixed position sizing based on trial & error….I think there is room for improvement.

Edit: 7/14/15

Another excellent post/pdf on position sizing h/t @rjs2006

Japanese Day Trader


This is another trading tale I’ve heard over the years, Japanese day traders that make millions that started off with a huge fat finger fade trade in J-Com. Trades a momentum strategy, treats trading like a video game rather than an intellectual endeavor.

This seems to be a new guy but there’s all kinds of youtube videos and interviews if you look hard enough on the other guy mentioned BNF. Here’s a few:

“All he does is eat Ramen and pick winners.”