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Avoiding Taxes like a Corporation

Coke’s effective tax rate, globally, was listed at just 15 percent (2007-2012) or $9.4 billion, far below the nominal top tax rate of 35 percent.




Book Reco: “The Lessons of History” by Will & Ariel Durant

History Channel
History Channel

Nice quick read, about 120 pages, on well…the lessons of history. I read the 1970s version so Russia was prominent but the author seemed to call the rise of the BRICS (bit too early), income inequality, even rising acceptance of LGBT. It can be at times politically incorrect, but merely reporting on what has been written by philosophers, politicians, scientists of the past. Some highlights:

Income Inequality is the norm, not the exception. Most humans throughout time have lived in unequal times. And that is the way mother nature intended us to be. Darwin rules (see Winner Take All Economy)  This ultimate result is either revolution or income redistribution which ultimately leads back to wealth accumulation and income inequality. The circle of life.

Communism has been attempted many, many times throughout history. So has Democracy. It’s likely Democracy fails, especially with rising levels of income inequality. The poor will kick out the rich, redistribute the wealth, which will find it’s way BACK into “smarter” hands.

I love the part on art in a decaying society, calling it blotches of random paint that are not appreciated by the people, but a select minority [cough] hedge funds…

It’s short, sweet, and makes you think. Please comment if you read the 2010 version, interested in seeing the differences!

Basic Income


I’ve been seeing more and more being written on basic income. While at first I thought it was kinda crazy and as a “free market” guy I dismissed it. As I’m starting to learn, the whole idea of ‘free market’ is an impossible ideal that doesn’t exist, so maybe a basic income isn’t all that crazy after all?


More Benefits Instead of Wages

Nice Chart!
Nice Chart!


Interesting points made in this article, increasing benefits rather then wage. Corporate margins would come in, would hopefully reduce government spending. I think healthcare costs are artificially high due to regulation and government intervention in the first place. This would reduce cost of labor and do good things for the job market IMO..