Certus Bank Fast One on Wall Street Elite


Where Dreams Come True
Where Dreams Come True

The vision started at Pancake house and greased with political contributions, many gems:

“Certus was billed $194 an hour by ICS, or a total of nearly $146,000, for the services of Bryan Williams between June and August of 2011. Bryan Williams is the son of Certus founder Charles Williams and had graduated from North Carolina State University the previous year.”

“In total, Certus’ expenses of $1.69 per dollar of revenue were far in excess of the 65 cent average for banks with $1 billion to $10 billion in assets.”

The two men had been drawn together by religious faith and an ambition to build a bank that they’d long discussed over Saturday breakfasts at the Original Pancake House in Charlotte,

The four founders made a total of $45,000 in political contributions between 2010 and 2013, including $10,000 to the Obama Victory Fund in 2012 and $10,000 for the 2012 reelection campaign of Rep. Maxine Waters, lead Democrat on the House Financial Services Committee. (See table, “Political Contributions.”)



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