More Benefits Instead of Wages

Nice Chart!
Nice Chart!


Interesting points made in this article, increasing benefits rather then wage. Corporate margins would come in, would hopefully reduce government spending. I think healthcare costs are artificially high due to regulation and government intervention in the first place. This would reduce cost of labor and do good things for the job market IMO..


2 thoughts on “More Benefits Instead of Wages”

    1. Thanks for the comment! First one on the new blog! Is this the report your speaking of: ?

      I think employees typically look at cash compensation as their overall barometer for Cost of Labor whereas a company looks at the complete compensation which include things like health care, 401k, vacations, etc. As the Cost of Labor rises, a company can get a better return on capital (buybacks) or assets (robots). I believe there is actually straightforward solutions to fix health care but we as a country and our politicians simply don’t have the will to change it. Not sure what will make that change but hopefully it does.

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